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We operate from three venues and run the following sessions every week.
Our midweek games and lessons are held at the NSW Writers’ Centre in Callan Park, Rozelle and at First Floor, 162 Goulburn St, East Sydney. Our Saturday games are held at Henley. Directions and maps can be found (here).
Players are welcome to turn up without a partner at any of our lessons or sessions, just let the Director know.

10 – 1 Duplicate @ Rozelle
10 – 1 Intermediate-Advanced Lesson & Game @ Goulburn St
10 – 1:15 Duplicate @ Goulburn St
7:30 – 10:30 Duplicate @ Rozelle

10 – 1:15 Duplicate @ Goulburn St
7:30 – 10:30 Duplicate @ Goulburn St

10 – 11 Intermediate Lesson @ Rozelle immediately followed by,
11 – 1 Supervised Duplicate @ Rozelle
10 – 11 Intermediate Lesson @ Goulburn St immediately followed by,
11 – 1 Supervised Duplicate @ Goulburn St
10 – 1:15 Duplicate @ Goulburn St
1:30 – 2:30 Intermediate Advancing Lesson @ Rozelle immediately followed by,
2:30 – 4:30 Practise Game @ Rozelle
6 – 7 Intermediate Lesson @ Rozelle followed by,
7:30 – 10 Supervised Duplicate @ Rozelle

10 – 1 Duplicate @ Goulburn St
10 – 1 Supervised Duplicate @ Goulburn St
7:30 – 10:30 Duplicate @ Rozelle
7:30 – 10:30 Duplicate @ Goulburn St

Occasional All Day Workshops @ Goulburn St see here

1:30 – 4:45 Duplicate @ Henley

Occasional All Day Workshops * @ Goulburn St see here

Table fees are $12 for members, $15 for visitors and $10 for Centrelink concession card holders. On the Wednesday Morning or Night if you stay for the game after the lesson, then the fees for both Lesson and Game are $18 for members, $22 for visitors, and $12 for Centrelink Concession card holders.

Monday Morning Intermediate-Advanced Lessons (10:00-11:00am City then 2hr practise)
August Refine Your Slam Bidding
August 7th Control Bids
August 14th Continuations After Keycard
August 21st 3NT or Six-Of-A-Minor
August 28th Finding Slams After 2♣ Openings

Wednesday Morning Intermediate Lessons (10:00-11:00am City/Rozelle, then 2hr supervised)
August Bidding Revision & Fundamentals
August 2nd Finesses and Limit Raises
August 9th Establishing Suits and Showing Points
August 16th Ruffing and Shortage Points
August 23rd Showing Very Shapely Hands
August 30th Stopper Asking

September Focus On Card Play
September 6th Working Out Where The Cards Are
September 13th Establishing Suits
September 20th Clever Play
September 27th Satisfying Defence

Wednesday Afternoon Intermediate Lessons (1:30-2:30pm Rozelle, then 2hr practise)
August Focus on Defence
August 2nd Attitude Signals
August 9th Forcing Defence
August 16th Suit Preference Signals
August 23rd Defence Principles
August 30th Active Defence vs Passive Defence

September All About Minor Suits
September 6th Minor Suit Transfers After 1NT
September 13th Bidding After Agreeing Minors
September 20th Inverted Minor Raises
September 27th Contested Minor Suit Raises

Friday and Sunday Workshops (Flier)
with Will Jenner-O’Shea

These workshops run from 10am until around 3pm (later if you wish to practise more). An all-day practical lesson with Notes and Tips provided. Intermediate / Open / Advanced

August 25th How High To Compete
This Workshop is about competitive bidding where both sides are pushing each other.
How High To Compete In A Contested Auction, When To Bid Again, When To Pass, How To Know When To Sacrifice, Double The Opponents If They Get Too High, How The Scoring Works
Intermediate / Open / Advanced

Workshop dates for the remainder of the year (topics to follow):
September 15th Solid Suits, Strong Suits & Decisive Bidding
October 13th
November 17th