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We run the following sessions at Sydney Bridge Centre every week.
We operate from three venues. The midweek games and lessons are either at the NSW Writers’ Centre, in Callan Park, Rozelle (Map) and also at Goulburn St (First Floor, 162 Goulburn St, East Sydney). Our Saturday Games are held at Henley.
Players are welcome to turn up without a partner at any of our lessons or sessions, just let the Director know.

10 – 1 Duplicate @ Rozelle
10 – 1 Intermediate-Advanced Lesson & Game * @ Goulburn St
10 – 1:15 Duplicate @ Goulburn St
7:30 – 10:30 Duplicate @ Rozelle

10 – 1:15 Duplicate @ Goulburn St
1:00 – 4:00 Duplicate @ Goulburn St Free mini-lesson
7:30 – 10:30 Duplicate @ Goulburn St

10 – 11 Intermediate Lesson @ Rozelle immediately followed by,
11 – 1 Supervised Duplicate @ Rozelle
10 – 1 Supervised Duplicate @ Goulburn St
10 – 1:15 Duplicate @ Goulburn St
1:30 – 2:30 Intermediate Advancing Lesson @ Rozelle immediately followed by,
2:30 – 4:30 Practice Game @ Rozelle
6 – 7 Intermediate Lesson @ Rozelle followed by,
7:30 – 10 Supervised Duplicate @ Rozelle

10 – 1 Duplicate @ Goulburn St
10 – 1 Supervised Duplicate @ Goulburn St
7:30 – 10:30 Duplicate @ Rozelle 
7:30 – 10:30 Duplicate @ Goulburn St

Occasional All Day Workshops * @ Goulburn St, see below

1:30 – 4:30 Duplicate @ Henley

Occasional All Day Workshops * @ Goulburn St, see below

Table fees are $12 for members, $15 for visitors and $10 for Centrelink concession card holders. On the Wednesday Morning or Night if you stay for the game after the lesson, then the fees for both Lesson and Game are $18 for members, $22 for visitors, and $15 for Centrelink Concession card holders.

Monday Advanced Lessons (10am-1pm Goulburn St)
April Declarer Play
April 3rd Which Suit to Establish
April 10th Safe Hand / Danger Hand
April 17th Combine Your Chances
April 24th Finesse or Not (and How To)

May Advancing Your Simple Conventions
May 1st No Lesson. Join the Main Game
May 8th No Lesson. Join the Main Game
May 15th Advanced Use of Simple Stayman
May 22nd Advanced Use of Major Transfers
May 29th Advanced Stayman and Transfer Practice

June Major Raises, Slams, and Judgement
June 5th Jacoby Raises
June 12th No Lesson. Join the Main Game
June 19th Cue Raises
June 26th Splinters

Wednesday Intermediate Lessons (10-11am Goulburn St and Rozelle, OR 6-7pm Rozelle)
April Competitive Bidding
April 5th Overcalls
April 12th Takeout Doubles
April 19th Other Doubles
April 26th Handling Interference

May Declarer Play Techniques
May 3rd Finesses
May 10th Ruffing Before Drawing Trumps
May 17th Decision Making at Trick One
May 24th Suit Combinations
May 31st Declarer Play Challenge Hands

June Defence Techniques
June 7th Leads
June 14th Signals
June 20th Discards
June 27th Defensive Challenge Hands

April Competitive Bidding Judgement
April 26th High-Level Bidding Decisions

Wednesday Afternoon Intermediate Lessons (1:30-2:30pm Rozelle, then 2hr practice)
May Declarer Play Techniques
May 3rd Advanced Card Combinations
May 10th Trump Suit Management
May 17th Card Reading – Count the shape
May 24th Card Reading – Count the points
May 31st Deductive Declarer Play

June Competitive Bidding Techniques
June 7th Advanced Pre-empt Judgement
June 14th Overcalls, Responding & Raising Them
June 20th Negative and Responsive Doubles
June 27th Interference Over No-Trumps (Landy & Lebensohl)

Friday and Sunday Workshops
These workshops run from 10am until around 3pm (later if you wish to practice more). An all-day practical lesson with Notes and Tips provided. Intermediate / Open / Advanced

Friday April 21st Slams and Strong Hands
This covers No-Trump Openings, 2♣ Openings, Reverses and Jumps & Jump Shifts, Splinters and Keycard (14/30). There are also Play Tips for Tricky Contracts: End Plays, Simple Squeezes and Guessing who has the Missing Cards.
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Upcoming workshop dates:
Friday May 19th Reverses, Jumps and Checkback
Friday June 16th
Friday July 7th
Sunday August 6th
Friday August 25th
Friday September 15th
Friday October 13th
Friday November 17th